Real Estate Attorneys: Use Social Media platforms to Grow Your Business.

part 2

As professionals, any business we build is limited by the number of people who have awareness of the business and see client/customer reviews of the work we do.

Here are the EIGHT key owned media platforms that you can use to build your business and your brand.

The more informal, personal networks:

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. TikTok

4. Snapchat

5. Pinterest

The more professional networks:

6. Twitter

7. LinkedIn

8. Clubhouse

In the last article, we spoke at length about Facebook, Instagram & TikTok as key platforms for Real Estate Attorneys. This time, we will focus on the TWO professional platforms that can be leveraged for business by Real Estate Attorneys.


1. Build a Business Handle:

Create a Twitter handle for your business from which you or your team can post on the platform. Ensure that critical business information is posted on the profile. Make it visual by uploading compelling images for both your banner and profile picture.

2. Tweet Frequently & Use Hashtags:

Posts on this platform are called Tweets. The Frequency & quality of tweets matters, so try to tweet daily, if possible. You can leverage the content you create for other platforms onto Twitter. The only limitation is the 280-character limit.

3. Add value to your audience:

Keep in mind the industry you are in, and what potential partners/clients may be looking for. Make your readers feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Use your tweets advance an idea, entertain, or educate the audience.

4. Try new formats:

Try posting stories on Twitter; these are called ‘fleets’. Multimedia tweets also get greater reach & engagement on average.

5. Follow & Engage with Influencers in your industry.

If there are real estate agents, title companies, other collaborators, give them a follow and engage with their content. It will increase your visibility in the industry and drive more views to your profile & website. It will also build you up as a trusted influencer within the industry.


1. Build a Business Page with a Good Description:

Create a business page on LinkedIn and write a good business description. Share essential details about your operations & offerings. Add contact information to let potential customers reach out to you. Link to your business website.

2. Invite People to Follow your Page:

Invite the 100 free invitations you can send every month to request people to follow your page and start to gain a good follower base.

3. Curate Content & Post Frequently (Stories & Posts):

- Ensure that you keep the business page active via content updates, at least on a weekly basis.

- Post about everything, from industry-relevant topics, recent successes, to important topics that your potential clients would care about. LinkedIn being a business platform, ensure that your post content is interesting for others in the industry.

- If possible, work with a blogger to develop content that can go on your website and be shared via LinkedIn.

- LinkedIn has a new story feature that is very under-utilized. If you become the early adopter of the feature, it might help establish you further in your industry.

4. Increase Your Visibility:

- When posting content, remember that hashtags go a long way in spreading your message to relevant audiences without spending any ad money.

- Similarly, reposting/tagging bigger accounts will drive more audiences your way.

- By connecting with people who look like your target audience, you can potentially grow your business page follower base on the platform.

5. Outreach to Potential Partners & Customers:

From Real Estate Agents, to Title Insurance Providers, to Builders, everyone is on LinkedIn. Use the search filters well in LinkedIn Basic or upgrade to the LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator account to reach out to people who can help further your business & build partnerships in the future.

That’s all the platforms you’ll need to work with. And while it is a lot, there are a lot of marketing agencies that make this easy for you. Please reach out to us for recommendations. We may be able to help!

Sales executive for Hudson United Title

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